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2018 Life Update: Change, Shiftcon, and Expo West

Hey Guys! I know I've been a little MIA on the blog as of late, but, lots of changes have been occurring! At the end of 2017, I moved, got very busy at work, and was dealing with some issues in my personal life. Now that I am all settled in my new place, I am happy to say that I am refreshed and looking forward to 2018!

This year is going to be an exciting one, and it is already starting off with a bang! I started my Spring semester at ACHS a few weeks ago (I'm taking my second Herbal Materia Medica and Pathophysiology) and only have two more semesters to go to finish my diploma after this term! However, my school just started offering a Bachelor's Degree program in Integrative Health Sciences, which all of the classes I've been taking for my diploma are included meaning I'd only have roughly two more years to go. I have wanted to finish my Bachelor's Degree for some time now (I have an Associate's), so, this may be my golden door of an opportunity! Working full-time and attending online school part-time while blogging and keeping up with social media is quite a task, but I love it. I'm so passionate about holistic health, nutrition, herbalism, and wellness, so I use that as my motivation to keep going!

That being said, there are some AWESOME events that I am attending in the next month, the first being ShiftCon in Irvine this week.

"ShiftCon is an eco-wellness influencer conference focusing on food, wellness, health, sustainability and platform growth. Shifters are part of an online influencer community that seek healthier and more sustainable lives, promote brands that mirror their values, and help causes that speak to their soul. Our influencers span between newbies, light and deep green. Shift happens." [1]

This is my first time attending, so I am SO EXCITED to learn from and network (and hopefully make some new friends) with like-minded bloggers!

Make sure to follow along on my Instagram and Twitter to be a part of my experience at ShiftCon!

Also, stay tuned because my FAVORITE event of the year is just a little over a month away! Natural Products Expo West is basically like the adult version of Christmas for natural products. There, I will get to discover the newest and hottest natural products. Last year, over 80,000 people attended and it was MASSIVE. The event just keeps growing every year as well. I'll be sharing my most favorite products once I'm there, so make sure to follow me on social media to follow along! The links are highlighted above!

Are you attending ShiftCon or Expo West? Comment below or send me a message!


[1] Shiftcon About

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