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Looking for how to get involved in protecting our planet, public lands, rights, and equality? Interested in changing over to cleaner, non-toxic products and organic food? You've come to the right place! These are some of the organizations I support and follow. The actions we take now will allow us to have a sustainable future. Anyone and everyone can get involved. We all start somewhere and every little effort counts!

  • Compost your food scraps and start a garden! 

  • Have an abundance of produce on your land that you'd like to donate? Find a local volunteer group like Produce Good in San Diego that has volunteers pick produce that will get donated to those in need! 40% of food goes uneaten and is wasted! 

  • If you own a home, go solar.

  • Shop local and organic whenever possible. Go to the Farmer's Market if possible. I know it isn't always economical, but supporting local farmers and businesses actually helps the economy!

  • Buy Fairtrade-Certified Products. Fairtrade products are more sustainable and look out for farmers.

  • Cook at home! Buying groceries that are on sale and in bulk can help you prep out your meals and save money.

  • Make your own All-Purpose Cleaning Products! Check out my favorite recipe here

  • Swap single-use cleaning supplies such as paper towels for multi-use cleaning supplies such as eCloth microfiber Cleaning Supplies ! I LOVE THEM! All of their products are eco-friendly, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. ALL YOU NEED IS WATER TO CLEAN! They have a dusting mitt that is amazing, as well as a polishing cloth that cleans mirrors and glass with just water, as well as mops!

  • Swap out conventional personal care and beauty products with greener and clean options. Check out The Environment Working Group's Skin Deep Database or the Think Dirty app to check out if your personal care products are clean and safe! Look for EWG Verified products! Also, shop some of my favorite cleaner products here!

  • EWG also has many guides including a National Tap Water Database, Healthy Living Home Guide, and their Dirty Dozen of Produce you should be buying organic, as well as their Clean Fifteen that doesn't have to be organic!

  •  Check out .  MADE SAFE® is America’s first non-toxic seal for products we use every day, from baby to personal care to household and beyond. They certify that products you use on your body, with your family, and in your home are made with safe ingredients not known or suspected to harm human health. 



Support and follow the Alt National Park Service . National Parks and protecting our public lands is SO important to ensure that future generations can soak in the beauty just as we can!

Join or donate to Sierra Club to protect our planet. Look for your local chapter to get involved in your area.

Buy Fairtrade products! Fairtrade America "empowers companies & consumers to make trade fair & sustainable, get farmers a better deal, and protect the environment."

Your Guide To Green Living

how to be more green,

live a non-toxic lifestyle, and support climate action

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