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What To Bring To Natural Products Expo West 2017

I feel like I have been counting down the days since I left Anaheim last year for this year's Natural Product Expo West to arrive. I was seriously in heaven last year, but also rather overwhelmed by the masses of products, brands, and people surrounding me. I was a rookie last year as it was my first year, so this year I intend to be a little bit more

prepared! For those that don't know, Expo West is the largest natural products expo in the country. More that 3000 brands come for this event, and last year over 70,000 people attended.

Can you figure out what my favorite color is from the photo? :D

2017 Expo West Essentials:

  • First and foremost, COMFORTABLE SHOES!! I wore boots one day last year, and Skechers with memory foam the second day, and my feet thanked me for it!

  • A backpack (I really like Camelbaks with hydration). Last year I brought a cross body purse thinking it was a smart idea. Boy, was I wrong! This year I will be swapping the cross body bag for a backpack! My shoulder will be much happier :).

  • A notebook/pad and pen. You'll be snapping photos, posting on social media, and networking, so your phone may be occupied for taking notes! This definitely came in handy during seminars!

  • Portable chargers. Like I stated above, your phone and gadgets will be getting a workout! Don't let your battery die! Bring portable chargers, and make sure you charge them the night before!

  • Personal care/comfort products. We will be in the mecca of natural products, but make sure to have a few essentials on hand such as mouthwash/gum/drops, an essential oil, lip balm, etc. You'll be tasting a LOT of samples and meeting a ton of new people. Bad breath isn't pleasant on anyone ;).

  • A refillable water bottle. There will be an abundance of tasty beverages to try including water, but don't forget to hydrate! I also recommend eating something of substance before the show. Filling up on protein shakes and snacks can cause a stomach ache and a mid-day crash.

  • Business cards (not pictured). These are essential for networking and partnering with brands and people. Thousands of faces will be seen each day, a business card can make you stand out!

  • A smile. Don't forget to smile and have a great time! I consider myself and extroverted introvert, so talking to a lot of new people can be overwhelming. Being friendly made all the difference!

Congratulations to all of the official Expo Bloggers! While I was not chosen as one of the official Expo Bloggers, I am a New Hope Blogger and will be on the lookout for innovative new products.

Brands/Companies - Here is a list of things that I am interested in. I absolutely love outside of the box ideas, especially if they are eco-friendly and/or sustainable!

  • Biodegradable packaging. The amount of packaging waste can be obnoxious.

  • SNACKS that are not filled with sugar (refined or natural). Snacks with superfoods are a plus.

  • On-the-go snacks and foods that are nutrient-dense

  • Plant-based foods

  • Products made with sustainably farmed foods

  • Dairy-free items including yogurts, beverages, and frozen treats. I do not have an allergy and love creamy things, but cows milk causes me to break out :(.

  • Fermented products. I LOVE BACTERIA!!

  • Kombucha. Because, obviously. Also interested in wellness tonics, vinegars, and vegetable-based drinks.

  • Natural Home and Garden items. Laundry detergents, eco-friendly home wares to make green living easier, soaps, compostable items, etc.

  • Natural/Holistic dog food and treats that are healthy for a 3-year old border collie.

  • New or improved herbal supplements and vitamins. <--- This is a big one this year! Definitely on the lookout for elderberry products, immune system boosting supplements for colds/allergies, products meant for mental clarity/focus, stress relieving aids, as well as products that help with healing from cancer treatments.

  • Products made with colloidal silver

  • Bulk herbs

  • Clean and green beauty/personal care items, especially with holistic roots! Herbs are my jam. Definitely on the search for toothpastes, eco-friendly toothbrushes/floss, hair care, soaps, natural perfumes/oils, acne products.

  • Gluten-free/vegan/allergy-friendly baking ingredients

  • San Diego based companies

  • Products that are safe for cancer patients, including nutritional supplements, personal care items, and housewares.

These are not the only things I will be on the lookout for, but definitely things that are a part of my daily lifestyle. I discovered so many products and companies that I never would have thought to look for last year.

BRANDS: I still have some slots open for meetings! I will be attending the expo Thursday through Sunday. Please contact me by filling out my contact form, or email me at

See you at the show!!

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