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20% Off Tickets to the Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Expo in San Diego, plus enter to win FREE ti

Official Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Expo Blogger

Happy Friday!! 2017 has already started off with a bang, and I am SO excited for the next coming months! One of things I am excited about is the opportunity to be one of the official expo bloggers for the upcoming Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Expo right here in San Diego, happening February 11-12! This is the largest gluten free expo/event in the country!

While I may not be gluten-free, or really have any food allergies, I do have a newly discovered sensitivity to quinoa (really the saponins on the seeds, but still a major bummer cause I LOVE quinoa), and dairy makes my skin FREAK out! I also work in a professional pastry kitchen at a luxury hotel, meaning we get requests for gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, sugar-free, vegan, etc. ALL. THE. TIME. So, I am really excited to attend an expo focused on just that, and have the opportunity to try, test, taste, and touch the products and bring my findings back to all of you!

Here's the great news: Buy your tickets now, as they are 20% off until January 10th!

Use code ADVANCE

Buy them here!

Good until February 10th!

Even better news: I have FOUR tickets to give away! ENTER BELOW!

Whether you have food allergies, or you just want to try and find delicious gluten-free products, come hang out with me at The Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Expo held at The Del Mar Fairgrounds, Feb 11-12!

Comment below if you are coming! I'd love to meet up with some fellow bloggers or foodies, as I live in San Diego and know some great spots! Hope to see you there!


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