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Life is a Great Big Canvas; Throw All The Paint On It You Can. A simple remind to be yourself.

Life is a great big canvas; Throw all the paint on it you can. -Danny Kaye Motivation Creativity

Hey guys! I know I have been lagging on consistent posts, but life gets in the way! Most of my free time is consumed by homework and classes these days beyond my regular responsibilities. I have been teaching myself and researching more about blogging when I can, and attempting to become more organized to share more of my favorite content with all of you!

I wanted to share this graphic that I made today, as I was going through old documents and found one of my favorite quotes by Danny Kaye that I saved years ago. I have been teaching myself more about Photoshop and Illustrator and decided to play around with quotes today! I have been collecting quotes since I was about 12 years old as inspiration. Before the days of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, (can't forget MySpace), I was posting quotes on LiveJournal! Yeah, that's right. I guess my younger self knew where I was heading in the future :).

This quote is all about creativity and creating yourself in any way that you please. Art is a form of personal expression, and no one can critique the way you decide to express yourself. You are you, and art is life. There will be flaws at times and that is okay. Add as many colors to your canvas. After all, it is YOUR canvas.

So this is my reminder to you: Be yourself. Wear the hot pink shirt if you feel like it, or black if that is your comfort color. Listen to whatever music you love. Beliebers, I am pointing at you (His last album was DECENT... I'll admit it). Go to concerts and sing along with the crowd. Go to museums. Write haikus about cheese if that's your jam. Dance in your car at red lights while singing at the top of your lungs. Make bad pun jokes, cause everyone needs bad humor in their lives (Thanks, Dad). Do what makes YOU happy, and don't listen to the haters! If you want to learn how to knit a scarf, DO IT!

Personal wellness is SO important. You only have one life. Bad things happen every day in this world. Don't let that stop you from finding what makes you sparkle!

Jazz hands!


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