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Mindful Monday! Focus On Building The New

Happy Monday! Today is technically my Sunday, as I am off today, but I felt the need to share this quote! The last year of my life has been a complete whirlwind of events, but today marks the start of a new stepping stone in my life! My online orientation for my Holistic Classes started today, and I could not be more THRILLED to start them in a month! It means I am going in the directions of my goals, focusing on the positive things in my life, and letting go of the negative. I stumbled upon this quote today earlier on Pinterest, so I decided to make a quick graphic to share it! Please feel to use it, just credit Peppermint + Spinach, or @chelseathomas8 on Instagram, or @cthomas8 on Twitter!

Mindful Monday, Positive Vibes, Socrates

Don't forget to focus on the goods things going on in your life around you. It is SO easy to be negative all the time (trust me, I know), but what you put out comes back! So try and stay positive!


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