Mindful Monday! Focus On Building The New

Happy Monday! Today is technically my Sunday, as I am off today, but I felt the need to share this quote! The last year of my life has been a complete whirlwind of events, but today marks the start of a new stepping stone in my life! My online orientation for my Holistic Classes started today, and I could not be more THRILLED to start them in a month! It means I am going in the directions of my goals, focusing on the positive things in my life, and letting go of the negative. I stumbled upon this quote today earlier on Pinterest, so I decided to make a quick graphic to share it! Please feel to use it, just credit Peppermint + Spinach, or @chelseathomas8 on Instagram, or @cthomas8 on Twitter!

Don't forget to focus on the goods things going on in your life around you. It is SO easy to be negative all the time (trust me, I know), but what you put out comes back! So try and stay positive!


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