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Focus on Fermentation: My Chat(s) with Master Herbalist Paul Schulick of New Chapter Vitamins &

Happy Friday!!

I want to start this post off by apologizing in advance if I get annoying for how often I talk and will be talking about Expo West and all of the amazing people/brands/experiences that I encountered! SO many great things have come from attending, and I cannot wait to see what else blossoms from it. I have been on my Holistic Journey for a few years now, and while Green, Holistic, and Eco-Friendly things are becoming more mainstream, I am considered the Green Outcast in my small social circle (totally not a bad thing in my eyes). More friends and family have started coming to me for my Holistic suggestions, and I'm loving it! I truly do have a passion for all things Holistic, and I have this urge to share it. That is why I am starting Holistic Health classes in just a short MONTH from now in order to do just that!

With that being said, I have been meaning to write this post for the past month. I had the opportunity to do something truly special at Expo West, and that was to meet with New Chapter Vitamins and Supplements Master Herbalist, Paul Schulick. (photo from

I was contacted with said opportunity shortly before the Expo, so I scheduled a meet and greet with him. Not only was I able to have a one-on-one chat with Paul, I was also able to attend one of his short seminars with 4 others focusing on Fermentation. Honestly, meeting and talking with Paul was the highlight of my Expo experience. I think before we sat down to talk, he wasn't sure what to expect from this twenty-something named Chelsea with a blog named Peppermint + Spinach. But once we got to talking, we really hit it off and I feel so fortunate to have met him! Basically, what Paul does is what I aspire to be. I want to become an Herbalist, formulate my own vitamins, supplements, and teas, and most importantly help people and spread knowledge (and travel the world :D).

During our one-on-one, we talked about my Holistic goals, what got me there (here), the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (he highly recommended reading it), Holistic Nutrition, my Dad having cancer and how we got through it, Bone Broth, Yoga and Mind Body Medicine, and of course Fermentation. I was instantly fascinated with talking to him! If you're looking for positive vibes, Paul oozes them. I could feel it! I tend to get anxious/nervous when talking to new people, but I felt very as ease and comfortable around him. I asked him what got him started in Herbal Medicine, and what he shared with me was very inspiring. He shared with me that he and his wife taught yoga and meditation in foreign countries, that he and his wife opened the only natural store in Vermont in the 70's, and his love for all things fermented.

So, you're probably asking what is so great about fermentation? Fermented foods are becoming very trendy these days, and for good reason! Paul and New Chapter have been at the forefront of fermented products for years. Good bacteria aka probiotics in your gut are essential for your health! 80% of immune system starts in your gut.

Here are some things I learned about fermentation (and human nature) from Paul's seminar:

  • Our society as a whole is disconnected with where things come from. Many people don't know where food comes from besides a grocery store.

  • Our society also suffers from as he called it, Nature Deficit Disorder. Literally grounding yourself, sticking your toes in the sand/dirt, forest bathing, hiking, and being outside, are essential to staying healthy. We get so caught up in the digital fast life, that we forget to slow down. (I had the urge to go to Yosemite immediately after this was mentioned).

  • Our ancestors used intuition to figure out their basic needs. They were foragers. They used fermentation as a way of preserving their drinks, foods, and meats.

  • Fermentation dates back at least 9000 years.

  • Science now proves fermentation. Carbohydrates produce organic acids that act as preservatives.

  • Protein Efficiency is increased with fermentation.

  • When milk is turned into Kefir, 240 unique polypeptides are produced that are not detected in raw milk alone. Check out this study to read more about it

  • Consuming fermented foods increases intestinal microbial diversity, uptake of antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids in the blood, production of newly formed phytonutrients, protection of the intestinal lining, and helps eliminate toxins.

  • PREbiotics such as nuts, seeds, cabbage, and bananas, shift the intestinal wall and are essential for healthy gut bacteria.

  • Vitamin K2 is the key metabolite essential for directing calcium to your bones. (New Chapter sources their K2 from Natto).

  • Natto is considered the fermented superfood. Paul describes it as something that is an acquired taste, that western palettes will find it disgusting, but the nutritional value of one serving is HUGE. Picture stringy, gooey, soybeans. That aside, 1 cup of Natto includes: 31 g of protein or 62% RDA, 1284 mg Omega-3s, 9583 mg Omega-6s, 38% RDA of calcium, 84% RDA of iron, 50% RDA of magnseium, 51% RDA Vitamin K, to name a few. (Google Natto, I dare you, or check out the infographic on this page ). Holy moly nutrients!

*All of the above points were taken from my notes during Paul's seminar. If I provided any additional links, it is to give further information that I could not provide myself.*

Now, you're probably sitting there soaking in all of this new information about fermented foods and products, and wondering where to start and how to integrate more into your diet. Well, I have GREAT news! If you are not a fan of things like kefir, kimchi, kombucha, or yogurt, New Chapter has you covered!

New Chapter multivitamins are made like no other. New Chapter vitamins and minerals are made with organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, and made using their proprietary fermentation process Each multivitamin is uniquely formulated with fermented vitamins and minerals plus artisanal blends of complementary herbs. Their multivitamins are developed to deliver targeted, whole-food fermented nutrients ready to support the specific health needs at every life stage. New Chapter multivitamins are: Made with certified organic vegetables and herbs, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, and 100% vegetarian.

One of their most popular products is the Every Woman's One Daily Mult-Vitamin (pictured below)

These vitamins are packed full of nutrients for Stress, Immune, and Bone Support. These vitamins are so good, they even won Delicious Living Magazine's 2016 Supplement Award for Best Multivitamin! That definitely speaks for something! These are the only product of their's that I have tried thus far, but I am excited to explore their product line further! Click here for full supplement facts of these vitamins.

Some of their popular products include: The above Every Woman's One Daily Multi, Bone Strength (Take Care), Perfect Pre and PostNatal Vitamins, Zyflamend for Pain and Inflammation Relief after Exercise, and WholeMega Extra-Virgin Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil.

Please feel free to check out for more information on any of the above vitamins and supplements, as well as to explore more of their product line. *All photos, logos, and product information was provided by New Chapter*.

In closing, I will leave you with what Paul left us with in his seminar:

"Fermented foods are key. The more you eat, the healthier you will be".

A HUGE thank you to Paul Schulick for being such an inspiration, to New Chapter for creating high quality products, and to Anthony Filomena for reaching out to me in the first place!

Hope you see you guys again next year at Expo!! I will have read Sapiens by then :) !


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