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Meeting Amie Valpone at Expo West, Author of Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox + GIVEAWAY! Win

Eating Clean by Amie Valpone: The 21-Day Plan to Detox

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Happy April Everyone!! I'm so excited for this post to be one of my first since my blog re-design. I had the absolute pleasure of having a short meet and greet at Expo West with the author of Eating Clean, (the amazing book picture above), Amie Valpone.

Someone had reached out to me before the Expo to see if I would be interested in meeting her and Now Foods, and as soon as I checked out her blog, I knew I had to meet her! Her story was so inspiring, as she battled with health issues such as Lyme Disease, Heavy Metal Accumulation, Hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and numerous other health concerns. She was even mis-diagnosed with cancer, and later told she had only a few days to live. Long story short, she had seen numerous Doctors for over a decade, and her condition actually got worse. At that point, she made a decision to switch to Integrative Medicine after doing research. She adopted a 'Clean' Lifestyle, did a complete diet change and detoxed everything in her life including body care and house products that were full of toxins. If you've read this far, you should know exactly why I was an instant fan! While my journey is nowhere near as extreme as Amie's, I have had some of my own health obstacles, and am close to people with some very similar issues. I started detoxing my life 4 years ago, and have many of the same views as Amie! It is truly inspiring to read other's stories, and to know we are not alone.

As for meeting Amie in person, while it was only brief, she was so kind, warm, and welcoming. She was also very happy to answer any and all of my questions. If you ever have the chance to meet her or hear her speak, I highly recommend it! She has overcome so much in her life, and she has such a positive attitude about her!

Now on to her book! My first impression was that it was beautiful! The design and the photos are just gorgeous. After getting the chance to actually read it once I got home from the expo, not only are the photos gorgeous, so is the content! While a lot of her recommendations are things I am very familiar with, many people are not. This book is perfect for people out there looking to try a Holistic and Clean approach, but don't know where to start. I honestly wish I had found a book like this 4 years ago when I first started pursuing Holistic Health. Basically, it is a one-stop-shop for Holistic Living, clean eating, detoxing all aspects of your life, and even where to look for Doctors that practice Integrative Medicine. So I have great news, since I loved the book so much, I have teamed up with Now Foods in order to give a copy away to one lucky reader! I'm so excited to be able to share this book with my readers, and this is also my first giveaway!! (See below for details)

Another aspect that makes this book is so great are the recipes. They look AMAZING. I have not tried any yet, but I was pretty much drooling over all of them while flipping through (and I'm not Vegan, just Pro-Vegetables and Health!). Having a restricted diet does not mean you have to skimp on taste! Take a look below for a few that I look forward to trying! I probably would have posted all of the recipes, but you have to see the book for yourself!!

This Grain-Free Granola packs a Nutritious Punch!

Eating Clean Amie Valpone

Roasty Toasty Carrots and Beets with Fresh Rosemary. So colorful!

Humble Sriracha Roasted Wild Rice Buddha Bowl. Taste the rainbow (of veggies)!

DIY Dairy-Free Nut and Seed Mylks. Very simple and user-friendly!

This page made me stop in my tracks! Homemade ketchup, honey mustard, and Cashew Mayo. The next page also has Homemade Sriracha and Tomato Sauce! There are also recipes for hummus and other dips on close by pages!

Can I just say, I LOVE PUMPKIN GELATO! This recipe looks so delicious!! There are many other sweet treats included in the book as well!

The last that I will share are the Tea Recipes including a Detox Tea!

Get your own copy here or enter my contest below!

Please Check out Amie's site as well as for more about Amie, videos to help kick start your detox, recipes, inspiration, and her favorite Now Foods products! Also follow her on Instagram and Twitter for added inspiration @thehealthyapple!


Ends Sunday April

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