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Happy Earth Day, everyone! There are many things that people can do to be eco-conscious! As most everyone knows, California is in a SERIOUS drought! There are many debates on how things are being handled, and I will leave my opinions out. That being said, I will promote this very informative documentary that I think everyone should watch: Blue Gold! It is not just about California, but the entire world. This documentary inspired me a few years ago to stop drinking bottled water as much as possible, and switch to a reusable glass bottle! Please watch it, and watch this clip of the director on a local news station here in San Diego! I know it is late notice, but if you happen to live in my area, they are screening Blue Gold at the OB Green Store at 4843 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107, at 6:30 pm! Blue Gold is also available to watch on Amazon Prime! News clip: *Documentary poster photo via What did you do for Earth Day? I planted spinach, carrots, and picked my first handful of blueberries from my thriving bush!!! I also have decided to start composting, which I have wanted to do for a while now! Living in a small apartment, being eco-conscious is sometimes difficult, but I have decided to make even more efforts to reduce our waste!

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