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Product Review: Coola's Sport Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 50 - Unscented, 3 oz

If you are new to my blog, I consider myself a green lifestyle enthusiast, and am very strict about what I put on my skin! Anything I put on my skin is made with clean and organic ingredients. Being very fair-skinned, sunscreen is a must for me, and this sunscreen definitely fits the bill! I recently had the opportunity to join Coola's Product Review Team and received this product in exchange for my review! This is the first Coola product that I have tried, and I had the perfect opportunity to test it out during my trip to Ojo Caliente Mineral Hot Springs Spa in New Mexico. The spa is at 7,000 FT, and I was there in 80 degree weather. I am VERY fair, and burn easily. I tend to be one of the most pasty, if not the pastiest person in the room. That being said, the first time I went to this hot springs, I burned so badly I looked like a lobster. Not this time!! Thanks to Coola's Sport Continuous Spray SPF 50, I didn't burn AT ALL. I was in the sun continuously for about 3 hours, also slathered myself in mud clay, rinsed that off, and was back in the water without reapplying once and STILL didn't burn. I'm serious when I say that this is a first for me! I also appreciate that it is unscented, because many sunscreens can have offensive scents. I applied the sunscreen an hour before getting in the waters, which by the way was very easy due to it being a spray, and was on my way! It dries quickly, and the cap swivels into a lock position so it won't ghost spray in your bag! It's also convenient for travel (I was traveling from CA to NM), as it is TSA approved at 3 oz. Awesome, right?! (There is also a full-size at 8 oz). My only gripes about this sunscreen is that it's a little pricey, but also because I almost slipped on the floor after applying it (Might be user error :D) just be mindful of your surroundings when putting it in! Otherwise, this sunscreen is awesome...I definitely recommend it, and will be purchasing it in the future. I will be adding it to my list of Green/Chelsea is super white and burns easily-Approved Sunscreens. Way to go Coola! Thanks for preventing me from becoming a lobster again, AND making your products with green and organic ingredients. Like me, they are also located in San Diego! Coola uses Certified Organic and Cruelty-Free ingredients. They are also vegan friendly and their packaging is recyclable. All great things in my book! The 3 oz bottle is $20, and the 8 oz is $32 at Get your's here. **Disclaimer: While I was not paid to review this product, I did received it for free. All of my opinions are ALWAYS truthful, and I will never recommend or endorse anything that I don't support or believe in, or haven't tried myself!** Do you have a favorite green sunscreen? Share your favorites below!

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