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This is me on 4/7/15, after about 5 months of using these products! I just got my hair cut, and my stylist who has been cutting my hair for 6 years now, commented that my hair has NEVER been healthier!

Hi everyone! I'd just like to say that it feels good to be back in the blogging world! There were many reasons I stopped, but I have decided to start it up again! My first review on this blog is going to be about three products by Andalou Naturals, two of which are from the same line. I had always overlooked this brand until a few months ago, and I wish I hadn't]! They are NON-GMO, paraben & sulfate free, vegetarian, and cruelty free as well! Most of their ingredients are also Fair-Trade AND Certified Organic! How great is that? First up is the Meyer Lemon Brightening Creamy Cleanser. Let me just say that besides all of the great reasons to like this brand, my obsession with manuka honey sold me on this product. One of the major reasons I stopped blogging was because I stopped taking birth control last June, and it made my body FREAK OUT. I got really discouraged on top of being busy, so I no longer wanted to share my story! This cleanser is one of many things that has helped get my skin mostly clear! It is true to it's name, having a creamy texture. Meyer lemon has a very distinct smell, and if you are familiar with it, you will instantly be able to smell it! It smells light and fresh, which I like! Besides manuka honey, some of the excellent ingredients include: Aloe, Jojoba & Rosehip oils, Sea Buckthorn oil, Fruit Stem Cells, Grape Seed Polyphenols, White Tea, and Hibiscus. That isn't even the entire list! A little goes a long way for this cleanser, so I use it on my face and back in the shower in the morning. I use an oil cleanser at night (that review on another post). I saw an almost immediate difference in my complexion with this cleanser! It left my skin soft, didn't dry it out, and most importantly, was helping with my hormonal acne that was very angry! It gave me hope again! I am now on my third bottle of this stuff, and I couldn't be happier with it! It runs about $10.50 on Vitacost, and roughly the same at Sprouts or a similar store! This cleanser has made a huge difference, and I am very thankful for it! Next up: the Age Defying Shampoo & Condition made with Argan Stem Cells for thinning hair. Ok, let me just say that never in my life have I EVER had thinning hair, until last year. I swear, birth control is like the devil to me now! Isn't it ironic that I went on it in the first place to clear up my hormonal acne (which it did), but I came off of it because of the side effects, only for it to cause my acne to come back 10 times worse AND it make my hair fall out! I was freaking out! At the time, I was using one of Acure Organic's shampoos, which I still love, but it wasn't helping the hair loss problem. So, I did my research to find a natural shampoo to help with thinning hair, and this was my best option! Off to Sprouts I went to give this line a shot, and boy am I glad that I did! I am now on my third set of these babies as well, AND my hair is not only no longer falling out in clumps, my hair is growing like a weed again! My scalp doesn't burn or itch anymore, and I have peace of mind! Like the facial cleanser, a little goes a long way with both the shampoo and conditioner. I'm not crazy about the scent, but that is DEFINITELY a trade off! I highly recommend this entire line if your hair is thinning, or you are trying to grow your hair! It really does work! These run about $10 at Sprouts. Vitacost has them for $7.99 as of now, 4/5/15! Oh, how I love Vitacost! Because I have been SO happy with these products, I'm sure I will be trying many more of their lines in the future! I am trying to be frugal at the moment, so testing a bunch of products all the time doesn't fit into that picture currently ;). BUT, I will post more reviews when I try more of their products! Some of you may also be curious about what I have been using/taking for my hormonal acne, and I will make a dedicated post about it in the near future! The battle is not over, but my hormones definitely have been regulating! I have also almost been off of BC for an entire year, so I think my system is getting back to normal. Let's just say I haven't been able to wear backless shirts since June, and it sucks! My face has FINALLY cleared up, and I am so happy about it! It has been a struggle, but you can't stop trying! The journey continues! More soon! -Chelsea

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